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  • Roller Shutter Door Forming Machine
  • Activity:Our customer came from Peru and checked the machine using factory. Here customer talked with our old customer about the machine quality and check how the machine is installed
    Time: 2015-6-5
  • Roofing Sheet Roll Forming Machine
  • Activity:Customer comes from Spain and makes order for double layer roofing sheet machine. With boss, engineer, and friends, we have good dinner
    Time: 2015-7-8
  • Activity:The whole company staff took part in the lesson about how to make the trade smooth and easy
    Time: 2015-8-2
  • Activity:our company cooperates with some college. The boss gives lesson to foreign trading major students and answers some questions of student
    Time: 2015-10-20
  • Sandwich Panel Roll Forming Machine
  • Activity:our company takes part in submit with the Russian delegation. In this submit, we talk about how to improve the foreign trading work between two counties
    Time: 2015-10-20

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