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  • motor decoiler
  • Motor decoiler for roll forming machine ZT machinery collection of decoilers is manufactured in various sizes for different coil loads. Our decoilers cater to nearly the entire market of sheet metal working, with a maximum width of 1550 mm which are universal and adapted to all kinds of coil widths.
  • manual decoiler
  • Manual decoiler for roll forming machine Manual decoiler for roll forming machine is often used together with the light keel roll forming machine, roofing panel roll forming machine, and other simple roll forming machine.
  • hydraulic decoiler machine
  • Hydraulic decoiler machine Decoilers also known as uncoilers, are designed and engineered by Machinery for supporting coil and a smooth efficient unreeling of coil material into a roll forming production line with a load capacity from 3 Ton up to 20 ton. According to the power supply difference,
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