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Slotted angle rolling forming machine


Slotted angle rolling forming machine allows you to make the slotted angle in batch by rolling forming principle. Slotted angle (also sometimes referred to as slotted angle iron) is a system of reusable metal strips used to construct shelving, frames, work benches, equipment stands and other structures. The name derives, first, from the use of elongated slots punched into the metal at uniform intervals to enable assembly of structures fixed with nuts and bolts, and second, from the longitudinal folding of the metal strips to form a right angle. Here are some drawing profile and finished product pictures for your reference:
drawing profile of  slotted angle
Sample in real:
slotted angle

Slotted angle rolling forming machine design:

The machine is composed by the following elements:






Manul decoiler 

1 set

5 Ton hydraulic decoiler


Punching system

1 set

Yangli Brand, the best punching machine


Coil feeder

1 set



Leveling Machine

1 set



Roll Forming

1 set

If you use small each stand gearbox


Servo flying Cutting

1 set

If you use hydraulic shearing


PLC Control System

1 set

If you use normal brand


Hydraulic Station

1 set



Run-out Table-(Un-powered)


slotted angle machine

Slotted angle usage:

To construct items from slotted angle, items can be cut to size (some versions are marked to show the optimum points at which to cut the metal) using special slotted angle cutters or shears, and then fixed with nuts and bolts. Tension plates and other metal strips are also available to add strength to the finished structure.
slotted angles
application of slotted angles

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